There is an ongoing oppression of the Muslim minority in India perpetrated by both central and a number of state governments using the state institutions including the military, police and even the judiciary.

While brutal military lockdown continuing in its third year in the Kashmir valley, victims of the anti-Muslims riots in early 2020 are still being hounded by Delhi Police victimised on the pretext of taking part in protests against discriminatory citizenship laws.

With the upcoming elections in the most populated state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) ruled by an exclusive Hindu state government led by a priest, Yogi, lynching of Muslims and arrest of young Muslims on accusation of engaged in so-called ‘love jihad’ continues unabated.

From time to time daawah workers have been arrested by Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) of UP police in order to intimidate the state Muslim population, falsely accused of being funded by international organisations and even ISI of Pakistan.

Earlier in June ATS arrested Maulana Umar Gautam and Mufti Jahangir Alam of Islamic Daawah Centre  for mass converting Hindus under various sections of anti-conversion and national security acts.

Maulana Gautam is himself a revert Muslim who has dedicated his life to preach about Islam and serve the community irrespective of their faith and caste.

Similarly another Islamic figure Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, a well respected Islamic scholar and preacher was arrested on Tuesday 21 September by the ATS  on allegations of using foreign funds in religious conversions.

The arrest has been condemned by a number of human right organisations and Muslim leaders in India as well as overseas.

“The arrest is being seen as a malicious attempt to promote Hindu-Muslim hatred in the context of the upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh,” Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) president Syed Sadatullah Hussaini said.

Another state where Muslims are being persecuted is the state of Assam where an ongoing pogrom to strip Muslims of their citizenship and land is being orchestrated by the state government under the influence of Hindutva.

Last Thursday 23 September, a 30 year old father of three children, Moinul Haque and caretaker of two elderly parents was shot by heavily armed police, then brutally thrashed and his dead body stomped on by not only police personnel but also by a photo journalistic in a Hindutva driven rage.

The video of the whole incident was posted online and went viral, attracting condemnation by almost everyone who watched the inhuman act.

The brutal oppression  of Muslims in Assam that constitutes almost 30% of the population, by the state government continues unabated resulting in gross human rights violations, homelessness and great human misery.

The State government of Assam has demolished, in addition to homes, many mosques, schools and temples during this inhuman eviction drive without apparently following due process of the Law set out by the Supreme Court of India, creating a huge population of internally displaced and homeless people.

The Indian Muslim minority is being attacked on all fronts and needs strong supports from human right organisations to highlight their plight in international forums.