“It all began with an idea, a thought about how to address a pragmatic issue. We run community media in Australia. We need to know about the actual journalistic practices and legal aspects of media management in this country. So, I thought we could arrange a series of workshops on these issues if we can find some experts and professionals who can enlighten us”, said Abdullah Yousuf Shamim, the Editor-in-Chief of Suprovat Sydney.

Shibly Abdullah moderating one of the workshop sessions.

Suprovat Sydney is the longest-running Bengali community media platform in Australia based in Sydney. It  recently organised a series of workshops where hundreds of representatives from various Australian community media participated listening to experts in the field together with interactive Q&A.

Abdullah Yousuf Shamim, the Editor-in-Chief of Suprovat Sydney chairing one of the workshop sessions.

Commencing on Sunday 11 July 2021, a total of six workshops were conducted every Sunday and Friday evening till Friday 30 July 2021,

These workshops were rich in practical and professional lessons for the participants. The topics were chosen by an expert panel focusing on the practice of community journalism in Australia. A number of professionals and experts presented their discussions on various issues related to community media’s potential in this multicultural country, journalism in the western world, ethics of journalism, legal aspects of journalism and the law of contempt, experience with defamation lawsuits.

Zia Ahmad Editor-in-Chief chairing one of the workshop sessions.

These workshops were presented by academics, journalists and experts such as Dr Catriona Bonfiglioli, Dr Jahnnabi Das, Ms Fran Molloy, Barrister David Baran, Dr Jan A Ali and Dr Jim Taggart OAM.

The various sessions were chaired by community media experts including Ziad El-Daoud, Zia Ahmad, Rafic Hussein, Yuksel Cifci, Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Abdullah Yousuf Shamim, and moderated by Shibly Abdullah and Dr Fazle Rabbi.

Workshops were participated by community journalists

Every workshop was concluded with a vibrant Q&A session where the best question was selected and announced at the end for appreciation. Hundreds of journalists from the community media of various languages have successfully participated in this series of workshops online.

Once the COVID-19 situation improves, the organisers have the plan to arrange a certificate awarding  event in Sydney.

This series of workshops were supported by  Multicultural NSW.