The Stop Racism Now campaign was launched 9 June 2021 at NSW Parliament by Her Excellency Margaret Beazley, the NSW Governor.

The event was ttended by prominent politicians, including the Hon Natalie Ward, the new Minister of Multiculturalism & Hon Linda Burney. Several  other groups were represented, including the Australian Human Rights commission, the NSW/ACT Home Affairs, the University of Western Sydney, Multicultural NSW, the NSW Police and the NRL.

The Vision Statement states that People need to be considered with respect and dignity regardless of colour, race, religion, gender or nationality. In the process make people aware not to discriminate, stereotype or generalise.

Councils, Schools, Sporting Bodies, Offices , Universities will be encouraged to display the statement.

We are already having success with the Harmony Day Poster & Song Writing competitions (having a record of over 5300 posters  & 81 Song entries this year) where Harmony Walks also enhance the credential of Moving Forward Together, the name it self says it all.

The Without Prejudice – Towards a Harmonious Society book published in 2010 is being updated for an online version, introducing current issues , should also assist to drive campaign beyond NSW.

The issue of racism & extremism is even more relevant than it was two month ago. The Delta variant and the lockdowns have provided an opportunity and element of frustration seeking to find someone to blame.

Putting it in perspective though, we live in very challenging times where we are far better off than other countries. For example Switzerland has over 700,000 cases of COVID,  similarly, Austria  & Hungary,  their population is  1/3 of Australia, which has 45,000 cases.

Canada which has 1,400,000 – with a population 50% higher than ours. I know it is tough, we need to ride it out and make the best of the situation, helping each other as much as possible and appreciate that despite some imperfection  we live in a very good country.

Moving to stage 2 of the campaign, with the pandemic it has delayed the full implantation, we appeal to AMUST readers to join us to drive the message home. We are looking for volunteers who share our vision to assist being Ambassadors – incorporating their ideas. Together we can progress better and faster.