The Eternal Flame by Samia Khan

Calligraphy artists are those we know for their intricate handwork. It is a specialised skill not owned by many. 

In this interview, I had the opportunity to dig deeper into the mind of one of Australia’s most talented calligraphy artist. Not only in English calligraphy, but Arabic as well.

Here are the 21 brief questions that were asked and answered precisely.

Name? “Samia Khan”

Age? “39”

Background and Ethnicity? “I was born and raised in Dubai and am of Pakistani ethnicity.”

Profession? “I am an artist specializing in abstracts and Arabic/ English Calligraphy.”

How do you do what you do? “I try different color palettes and compositions in my sketch book until I find something that excites me. Then, I’ll paint it on a canvas. And, when I am not painting, I teach art.”

What differentiates you from other artists? “Most of my paintings are very different from each other. Sometimes I feel like my soul houses 3 different types of artists! Some common theme are the incorporation of text in various forms, be it in English, Arabic or Urdu, which can be verses of the Quran or zikr. This way, the actual painting itself becomes a remembrance of Allah.”

Who is your biggest motivator? “My husband.”

Who inspires you? “People who make a genuine difference in other people’s life and my parents, who have always motivated and given to others without expecting anything in return.”

What inspires you? “The beauty of handwritten text and colors! They always make me want to get up and paint.”

What is your proudest moment? “Being selected to display at the International Museum of Australia.”

What’s your most magical moment? “Each time I became a mother. It’s amazing how new souls come into existence by Allah’s will.”

What are you grateful for in life? “My family and friends.”

Belonging 2 – Qalb by Samia Khan

Define me-time? “Reading a science based thriller with a hot cup of karak chai. And of course, painting!”

Daily must-do routine? “Having a cup of tea while watching my favorite chef on telly and taking detailed notes on the recipes.”

Best family memories? “The potluck and family get togethers we would have back in Dubai.”

Things your parents used to say? “Always be honest and don’t waste anything.”

Other skills we don’t know about? “Cooking! Another thing is that my formal education was in chemical engineering.”

What advice would you give to your younger self? “Do a little art everyday. Read Quran. Happiness is now.”

Hopes for the future? “To master different calligraphy scripts and styles Inshallah. I also hope to be exhibited on an international level.”

What do you want to say to the readers? “Make a difference in people’s lives. The smallest of kindness matters. And take care of yourself, you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

If you have a chance to meet with a person you look up to, who would it be? “If I could, I would want to meet the late Abdul Sattar Edhi, to learn about his daily routines, work ethics and secrets to philanthropy.”