Indonesia has become the epicentre for COVID-19 infections and deaths with daily figures outstripping those of countries such as India and Brazil.

The country is being devastated by the highly transmissible Delta variant. With daily infection rates nearing 50,000 and daily deaths of over 1,500; the Delta variant is tearing through the country as health facilities are overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Makeshift tents are being erected to accommodate some, but many others are being turned away. Those self-isolating at home are struggling to access life-saving oxygen, with even hospitals grappling to access the supplies they desperately need.

While official numbers are devastatingly high, actual numbers are likely far worse with low testing rates and hundreds of infections and even deaths going unreported. Communities are struggling to bury their loved ones.

Here’s how you can help

The Australian Indonesian Muslim Exchange Program (AIMEP) have initiated an emergency campaign for our Indonesian brothers and sisters in this time of need. In conjunction with key Indonesian stakeholders, including the national Muhammadiyah COVID-19 Command Centre, this campaign will work with trusted Indonesian organisations to provide support where it is needed most.





Your Donations will go toward:

🍞  Basic essentials to enable people to self-isolate. Many in poorer communities have no choice but to leave their homes to survive. By giving the poorest members of our communities the food and medical supplies they need, we can make self-isolation a reality

AIMEP Delegates and Associates

AIMEP Delegates and Associates

🚺  Support for the elderly and women, who are amongst those most affected by the pandemic. The loss of family livelihoods, and the devastating impact of COVID on those who are elderly or pregnant is destroying the lives of hundreds. Your donations can provide basic essentials to help people survive

🧸  Support for orphans. Children are dying of COVID in Indonesia and so are their parents. The community organisations in our networks are working to identify and support children who have been orphaned by COVID. By supporting orphanages and extended families to provide children with the basic necessities they need to survive, together we can help to protect them

😷  Provide masks, PPE and other basic equipment, including oxygen tanks. Indonesian hospitals are crying out for support to be able to help those most in need. Our networks are actively providing this support as we speak. Let’s build their capacity, build their supplies, to make their good work go further

🤲  Burial funds. Give peace of mind to those left behind by enabling the burial of a loved one. Volunteers are working night and day to wash and bury those who have died with the respect and dignity they deserve. Your donation can ease that burden by building up supplies and the number of people who can help


Every dollar makes a difference.

Please give generously from what you can to this heartbreaking cause and help our neighbours in Indonesia.