No one can possibly know what our Afghan brothers, sisters and children are going through right now (unless one has had lived experienced of such a harrowing humanitarian crisis). The true grief, fear and horrors of what is evolving continue to cast a shadow upon our hearts.

Sitting in Australia, however hopeless it may seem from afar, one can be reminded that our empathetic thoughts, dedicated actions and earnest prayers can still bring about betterment, like a “ripple” effect.

What is also important in these tense and challenging times is to look inside yourself – to know and understand what are your own “circles of control, influence and concern”. Of course, one will be concerned about what is happening (and you should allow yourself to feel sadness and grief as a natural reaction) but consider, what can you control and what can you influence?

Here is just a small curated list:

  • Pray to Allah for peace and better times
  • Show appreciation to the Almighty for the blessings, safety and ease bestowed upon you
  • Research credible charitable organisations to give:
    • Monetary donations
    • Non-monetary donations (e.g. clothes etc.)
  • Support local fundraising events
  • Support organisations who support others (e.g. education, employment, community services, mental health etc).
  • Keep watching for ways in which Afghan refugees will be settled in Australia and how we can help, directly in the community or indirectly
  • Show solidarity with the Afghan community
  • Attend peaceful rallies for human rights and positive change
  • Sign petitions for change (eg Amnesty International etc)
  • Keep an eye on current world events and read about what is happening – understand, be informed and be educated
  • Be a championing or counselling voice through art, expression and creation