Members of the global Indian Muslim diaspora have come together to establish the International Council of Indian Muslims (ICIM), a platform to connect and collaborate on issues pertaining to the large Muslim minority in India.

The Chicago based organisation has established links with communities and leaders in various countries to coordinate and amplify advocacy work to improve public opinion and policies that safeguard the welfare, safety, security and interests of Indian Muslims.

ICIM aims to make the world a better place with a particular focus on India through representation in global forums like United Nations (UN), Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), European Union (EU), South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), African Union (AU), and similar global and regional bodies.

ICIM cooperates, coordinates and supports organisations and leaders that are working that furthers ICIM objectives and is comprised of representatives from Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Middle East, Netherlands, Scotland and United States.

Established in 2020, ICIM is in its development phase through 2021, inviting more representations from all other countries  and various Muslim communities of Indian origin wherever they may be.

ICIM advocates for a vision of India that is truly democratic, where everyone has equal rights and opportunity free from discrimination to live in peace and harmony.

Given the rapidly worsening human rights conditions in India, ICIM will focus  on global level work while leveraging and not duplicating the local work around the world providing platform for coordination.

Scope of work includes identifying gaps of global nature in Indian Muslim diaspora and encourage, empower and facilitate people and organizations in ICIM ecosystem to fill the gaps.

ICIM aims to engage regional or global bodies for positive impact on affairs of India and intervene as needed to preserve the democratic values of India and safeguard human rights for all Indians.

ICIM aims to create awareness of the problems that the large Muslim minority is facing in their homeland sharing the true stories of injustice, oppression, and resistance, so their struggles are known and recognised globally as a serious threat to democracy in India and a violation of international law.

ICIM is building a coalition of Indian Muslims and organisations around the world to empower this global movement and speak with one, powerful voice and get involved in advocacy for the rights of Indian Muslims through publicity, dialogue, awareness and empowerment locally and globally.

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