This morning she went down the staircase
beyond the child lock gate held in body
of the creamy white fence.As she went down the steps, she paused
for a second or two at the platform before
she came down onto body of the ground
held on low.Then she walked across the lawn to arrive
at the wall made by sandstone rocks.

She then stepped over the wall to arrive
on body of the fire trail.

After a short stroll along the fire trail,
the woman came to the point where
secondary fire trail on way to the deep
down came out of the main.

As she walked down the secondary
fire trail towards the left, she had to
navigate through the bush made
by lantana and native plants, grass
and weeds, and many from known
and unknown heritage.

When she came back up the staircase
onto highland, her upper and lower
garments were covered with seeds
that were ever in readiness to have
the ride.