Who are we? We are the obedient servants of Allah. Aren’t we?

Because that we believe in Allah, and we follow Allah’s guidance through the teachings of Allah’s Messenger, we look at everything in the light of Allah’s guidance. We seek answers for the trials and tribulations that we face in our lives in Allah’s divine guidance. That makes us unique in our faith and attitudes, even though we share our lives with other humans in love and peace.

COVID-19 is causing devastation in humans. Sufferings, death, fear, business loss, anxieties, job loss, study disruption, Hajj disruption, event disruption, travel disruption, import or export business disruption, trouble in balancing immigration flow, domestic violence in many homes, hopelessness in many minds, suffering in many with depression, ballooning house prices in many countries, differences between rich and poor is sky rocketing, charitable organizations are struggling to keep up the supplies, hunger is increasing among many children of Adam and so on are prominent features in News and in human minds. It does not look good at all.

The concern in each human’s mind is, “When will Covid-19 go away? Or will it go away at all? Or is it a new normal in life?” Scientists are racing against time. Many are assuring the new vaccine is the answer when some people are disappointed for the death of their loved ones despite taking vaccines. There are so many questions without all the answers.

In this gloomy situation what can we do according to our faith?

First, we need to say what Allah guides us to say in the Holy Quran.

‘Say: “Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us: He is our protector:” and in Allah put their trust as believers.’ (Quran 9:51)

Second, we need to surrender our life, death, trials, and tribulations to Allah. We are from Allah and one day we must return to Him. So, let us take this concept in our hearts to be free from all fears or anxieties. Allah’s guidance is:

‘(And to those) when afflicted with calamity say: “To Allah we belong, and truly, to Him is our return:” They are those on whom (descends the) blessings from Allah, and (His) Mercy, and they are the ones who receive guidance.’ (Quran 2:156-157)

Thirdly, we should seek protection from Allah from all the harmful things (Including COVID-19) He has created, as Allah taught us in the Holy Quran:

‘Say: “I seek shelter (and security) with the Lord (Rabb, the Cherisher) of the dawn (Falaq), from the harm (Sharr) of the created things.” (Quran 113:1-2)

Besides, let us pray hard, eat well, exercise well, rest well, look after our health well and take care of one another with love and kindness. Let us be kind on humans in order to receive kindness from Allah.