There are just over 3 months before HSC exams start in October! Hard to fathom, but you are nearing the end of your schooling journey. Now is not the time to be complacent or slow down, but rather you need to sprint to the finish!

Your HSC Roadmap can be divided into 5 distinct stages.

Term 2 Holidays

This is where you currently stand. Term 2 Holidays are nearly finished, but you still have time to study before your trials start. Spend this time sticking to a routine. Try to give equal time to all your subjects – they are all going to count towards your ATAR! But if you feel you are falling behind in a certain area, ensure to work on that too.

Make use of this time to review your Year 11 & 12 content before the trials. As you would have finished the HSC course (or at least the majority of it) by now, take this opportunity to practice under exam conditions. Do past papers! Do questions!

HSC Trials

The HSC Trials is your HSC test run. It is a full mock of what to expect in your final exam. Practice makes perfect! 🤩 Use the opportunity to improve your exam strategy and review content. It is also your last opportunity to improve your School Assessment mark. Make it count!

Post-Trial Study

Once you have finished your trials and received your results and feedback, work on that feedback. Work on filling any last-minute gaps, any topics that you may not have completely grasped. Check in with your teachers – they want to help you!

Term 3 Holidays

Term 3 Holidays is your final chance to study before the HSC exams. By now, you should be doing many past papers, trial papers and questions. Any weaknesses should be addressed, exam timings should be improved and content revised. By now, you should be entirely focused on the HSC.

HSC Examinations

The big one! Your HSC exams have rolled around before you even blinked an eye. Take one exam at a time. Once you finish one exam, forget it and move onto the next one. If you’ve studied sufficiently in the months leading up, you should feel confident and stress-free. Congratulations on reaching the finish line. 🥳🎉🎊