Download the guide: How to Perform Eid Prayer at Home 

Under the current circumstances of COVID-19 lockdown, Eid-ul-Adha prayers can be performed within homes in congregation with a minimum of three people together with the option of Khutbah and in compliance with health advice and government regulations.

Eid prayer general guidelines within homes under the special circumstances of COVID-19 lockdown:

1. Eid prayer should be performed individually or in congregation within homes.
2. If three and more people are present then it should be performed in congregation led by the Imam.
3. If the Imam is capable of giving Khutbah (sermon), the Khutbah should be given after the prayer.
4. Health guidelines regarding physical distancing, cleanliness, and avoidance of hugging and shaking of hands should be adhered to.
5. External visitors joining the household for Eid prayer must follow government regulations specific to your location.
Time for Eid salaah (prayer)  is 15 minutes after sunrise until mid-day.
Further Eid prayer guidelines according to Hanafi Mathhab
  • 4 mature males including the Imam need to be present for the khutbah and salaah (prayer). Other members of the family may also join the salaah (prayer) at home.
  • 2 Rak’ah (Units) of Eid salaah need to be performed.
  • Eid khutbah needs to be given after the salaah (prayer).
Further Eid prayer guidelines according to Shafi Mathhab
  • A person may pray Eid salah individually if alone, pray 2 rak’ahs. No khutbah should be given.
  • If there are 2 or more persons there will be a khutbah which will be given after the 2 rak’ahs.
How to perform Eid Prayer according to Hanafi Mathhab
  • When you stand up to pray, first do takbeerat al-ihram (Allahu akbar) to start the salah
  • Say the takbeer 3 times before beginning to recite from the Qur’an.
  • Recite Surah Al-Fatiha followed by another surah.(Sunnah was Surah Al-Alaa and Surah Ghashiya or Surah Qaf and Surah Qamar for first and second rakahs, respectively. But it is okay to recite other surahs.)
  • Perform rukuu and two sajdas as normal. This concludes the first rakah.
  • After you come up from sujood from the first rakah, you recite Surah Al-Fatiha plus another surah.
  • After the surah, say the takbeer 3 times, then 1 additional takbeer to go to rukuu.
  • After rukuu, you continue with two sajdas and the final sitting as normal to conclude the prayer.

How to perform Eid Prayer according to Shafi Mathhab

  • Begin with 7 takbeers and then Quran recitation, rukuu, and sujood, as normal.
  • When you get up from the first rakah saying 1 takbeer, then do 5 additional takbeers.
  • Continue on through the second rakah as normal.

How to perform Eid Prayer according to Maliki Mathhab

  • Begin with takbeerat al-ihram to open the prayer, then 6 additional takbeer. It is better (sunnah) to pause at this point for people behind you in order for them to repeat after you.
  • Recite Surah Al-Fatiha plus another surah.
  • Make rukuu, sujood, and come up from the first rakah saying 1 takbeer, as normal.
  • Say 5 additional takbeers before continuing on through your second rakah as normal.