There is no stopping NZF right now. I feel so close to helping our Muslim brothers and sisters in Australia.

As an NZF employee, helping Muslims is what I chase, it makes me feel alive. Here is a little look at what it feels like lately:  

Saadiqa Davids


As I blur the lines between work and play, I eagerly look forward to the next meeting discussing ways to empower Muslims with their Zakat. It’s such a beautiful way to share the pillars of Islam. At the end of the day, I got the memories of working towards a brighter future and the people I shared them with.   

Shahnaz A, Raihana Sari, and Nassima Khalaf.



I love the help I give but the help I give to support people with domestic violence is definitely the type of cause I look to support more. Since 2013, we have received over 1400 Zakat eligible cases and Clara’s story was one of them. Her story is a nightmare for many. A victim of violence not only by her partner but also by her own family. As NZF spoke to her, she was homeless with her autistic daughter and despite all things she asked for food vouchers, this was her main concern.  

Receiving a gratitude note by Clara expressing her gratitude towards our generous help, was the icing on the cake. Sometimes it’s the simple things that impact it the most. Nevertheless, we will be working closely with Clara through our Healing Forward and Silver Lining program to get her through so she can come out on the other side standing on her own two feet with her beautiful daughter. 

Ismail Davids


There is a lot I would give up to watch our elders light up with happiness. But today the sky and stars seem to feel a little faded. Has anyone told you there are only a few days till you become homeless? This was the situation for Yusuf’s elderly dad who arrived in Australia to live with his son and now his wife threatening the dad with homelessness. The father broke down in front of Yusuf and told him that he will leave because he doesn’t want his son to choose between him and his wife. The father spoke no English and had no source of income. NZF stepped in as an intermediator, provided financial support and accommodation. It’s in the reassurance of preventing our elders from homelessness that I find the solace that I have been looking for.  

Munir Abdella.


Receiving Zakat payments light me up like something else. It gives me hope that we are one step closer to creating a better future locally. If you have been looking to help your brothers and sisters, I have a sneaky feeling it’s closer than you think. One day you will realise whether you like the condition of our local Ummah or not, you created this for yourself. Let’s give Zakat locally until there is no one in need.