Escaping war, famine, disease, discrimination or just the chance for a better life are some of the many reasons that individuals and families have made the journey to Australia to start a new life. What binds all these stories together is Hope.

Now, more than before we need to celebrate this hope, the diversity of this country and tell the stories of those families that have made Australia home.

2021 has seen the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Welcome Wall elevated to the National Monument to Migration. There has never been a better opportunity to have your family’s journey to this new country recognised.

As we head towards the end of the Financial Year, you can show your support and celebrate our multicultural nation by making a tax-deductible donation to the museum’s Migration Heritage Fund and sharing your family’s story on the National Monument.

You can join over 30,000 of your fellow Australians by having your family recognised on the National Monument to Migration. Your donation of $500 will see your family’s name registered for prosperity on the Monument and your story can join the online archive.

Together we can help build community harmony and celebrate our nation’s diversity.

Register before 30 June to be a part of the next special unveiling ceremony. For further information please visit or ph (02) 9298 3777.