More than 50 women from diverse background and ages attended a unique self care Mind Body & Soul Women’s Retreat on Sunday 30 May 2021 organised by Seena Incorporated at the newly renovated Dar-ul-Islam community centre in Bonnyrigg, Western Sydney.

The spectacular event enabled the participants to gather, relax, foster friendships and feel empowered and included self care tips, pampering activities, three course lunch, henna art while immersing themselves in this unique, blissful experience of self care and mind wellness.

Mrs Mehar Ahmad, Seena Inc. President with Princess R Lakshman, Owner of Mind Body Healing Hub.

Initially catered for a crowd of 30, however, the soaring demand for extra tickets for 50 people was a clear indication to the event organisers that there is a desperate need for women in the community to gather and enjoy a few hours where they give themselves the same love and care that they bestow upon their family members, often at the expense of putting themselves last.

Princess R Lakshman, an experienced workshop facilitator, a regular AMUST columnist, clinical nutritionist, life coach, and counsellor, facilitated the Self Care and Mind Wellness segment.

Princess R Lakshman, Owner of Mind Body Healing Hub.

The 2-hour interactive segment was a resounding success of enthusiasm and eager participation where Princess held a sacred space for the women to be vulnerable and share their stories.

It was a space that encouraged self-care, self-love, self-awareness, and self-forgiveness, and many beautiful moments of shared laughter and some tears.

The highlight of the segment was when each woman intuitively chose a card from the deck of self-care cards that Princess had handed out and to everyone’s surprise, each card had a message that strongly resonated with their soul and reminded them to breathe more, slow down, appreciate life through a daily practice of gratitude, learn the art of saying no, and let go of the disease to please people and embrace the practice of pleasing only Allah.

Mrs Mehar Ahmad, Seena Inc. President.

Mehar Ahmad, President of Seena Inc together with her team members and help from the family meticulously decorated the venue with red carpet treatment, twinkling warmth of tea light candles, soft comfortable couches and round tables laid with elaborate catering including sumptuous entree dishes of savories, pastries, and desserts catered by J’adore Kitchen and a gift bag for all to take home.

The formal program MC’d by Mobinah Ahmad started with a beautiful recitation of Quran by 9-year-old Halimah Bokhari, welcome and introduction of Seena by Mehar, presentation by Princess, vote of thanks by Sakinah and included congregational Zuhr prayer led by Mobinah followed by many entertaining activities.

Henna art by Hayaath.

Seena Incorporated, in collaboration with AMUST, Dar-ul-Islam venue  and Princess R Lakshman, looks forward to hosting another Mind Body Soul Women’s Retreat in the near future. Watch this space for details.

A couple of prompt comments received after the event are reproduced below:

“I attended the self care program yesterday the 30 May. Jazaakallahu khayr for doing such a beautiful event. I benefited very much from it and have shared with my husband and family. Before I left the hosts were really busy and I could not thank them enough and also wanted to know about the future program inshallah.”

“Jazakallahu Khayr for organising such a wonderful event, just what me and my sister needed. Please run this more often, every 3 months would be perfect.”

Entree catered by J’adore Kitchen.

Baklava and Knafeh were served for dessert.

Gift bags.