Over 100 messages of hope in one day sparked the creation of our Wall of Hope. For over eight years, NZF has been a beacon of hope for our local Muslim community, providing much-needed support to individuals in difficult situations. 

This Ramadan, we once again received an overwhelming number of cases. Whilst our priority was to support them financially, we knew how easy it is to lose hope when undergoing hardship.

As an Ummah we know if one part of the body is in pain the whole body is affected and as our brothers and sisters encounter difficulty, we here at NZF felt their pain as well.

Whilst we were processing these cases, we wanted to do something extra special. Our NZF team created a platform for the community to send their message of hope and care for two of our services – Zakat eligible cases and Zakatul Fitr.

On the receiving end, at the instance of individuals sending their application to receive Zakat from NZF, they will also receive an immediate message of hope and care from their brothers and sisters.

Zakat eligible cases: ‘Fill their Ramadan with Hope and Care’

Our campaign for receiving messages from the community was called ‘Fill their Ramadan with Hope and Care’ for our Zakat cases. We requested from you a message of hope for those that we are assisting in the following categories – homelessness, asylum seeker, widow, single parent, mental health, domestic violence, refugee, financial difficulty, new migrant, orphan, international student, disability and elderly.

Receiving over 100 heartfelt messages with some sharing their own ways of coping with struggles and others writing religious reminders of having faith in Allah highlighted the need of reaching out to people who have been through a similar situation and how to rely on Allah in difficult times can strengthen one’s faith. This sparked the creation of the NZF Wall of Hope –

Image of “Fill their Ramadan with Hope & Care’ message

This Wall of Hope is a very small step in that journey to show that collectively we can create a community that is our hope. NZF hopes to shed light that anyone can alleviate someone’s hardship and it doesn’t mean donation is the only way to do so.

We acknowledge that no one should go through hardship by themselves and as an Ummah, we hope you too can feel inspired knowing your brothers and sisters are remembering you in their prayers.

Zakatul Fitr messages 

NZF is humbled to receive feedback from our local Muslims who received your Zakatul Fitr.

For some receiving your, Zakatul Fitr was exactly what they need in their time of struggle and they couldn’t thank you enough for the donation.

This reminds us how your generosity can contribute to their happiness and on behalf of our recipients, from us all at NZF Australia, thank you for paying your Zakatul Fitr and Zakat through us.

Image of recipients of Zakat ul Fitr

It’s not too late to share a message of hope. If you would like to send your message, send it to: [email protected]