Eid ul Adha returns to remind us about who we are and what our priority is in our lives.

Eid is not just a celebration, but it is a worship according to Allah’s guidance. Allah made the provision of Eid for our guidance to remind us to practice what is best for ourselves and for the humanity.

Through His guidance, there is benefits for entire mankind because He is the creator of mankind. Eid is not a man-made invention. It is a divine plan from Allah offering huge benefits.

Let us look at few reminders that Eid ul Adha brings for us.

Give up self-praise

Don’t we have ego, self-pride, and love to be glorified for our name, status, wealth, and often nationality? Or our self-praise and self-glory pushes us to fight to bring one another down? Aren’t many husbands and wives, neighbours, leaders, siblings, groups, parties, nations are competing one another for establishing self-glory over one another which is causing disharmony, dissention, classes, disparity, division, disunity, and hate?

Eid ul Adha remind us, that we must praise and glorify Allah only because He only deserves it. That is why, we say Takbir such as, “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, laa ilaaha illallah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lillaahil hamd.”

Billions of Muslims, all over the world, recite the same thing to praise only Allah as He is the only God, and He deserves all the praises from His creations like us. If we can put that reminder into practice, we can be humble people to make a better world. Can’t we?

Avoid self-harm or harming others in celebrations

Often people in happy situations use things or do things that is harmful to them or for the society. Alcohol, party drugs are responsible for poor health and accidents causing death and injury. Or the noisy party that disturbs the neighbours and causes fights, enmity and so on.

Eid ul Adha reminds us to celebrate our happy occasion with prayers in peace, in unity and extreme humility in the front of Almighty Allah. It reminds us to live in peace as flowers co-exist in peace in the garden. Won’t we enjoy peace If we put that reminder into practice?

Give up negative desires

Selfishness, anger, rage, jealousy, greed and envy are the negative desires in us. Satan wants us to worship our selfish desires to commit sins, chaos, and unhappiness in and around us for destruction. We cannot practice the positive desires like kindness, compassion, love, and mercy unless we give up the negative desires.

Eid ul Adha reminds us to sacrifice our negative, harmful, and sinful desires with a symbol of animal sacrifice (Qurbani). Allah reminds us about the animal sacrifice, “It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah: It is your devotion [to Allah] that reaches Him.” [Quran 22:37]

Can we follow that reminder for our own everlasting happiness in Paradise?