Have you ever felt overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or worried?

I guess almost everyone reading this will have at some stage. It is in fact normal to experience these emotions, as well as the rest of the spectrum of emotions that comes through the human experience.

What isn’t normal is to be caught up in these feelings for a prolonged amount of time and finding yourself reaching a point of demotivation or even panic attacks.

I have found that the solution is Tawakkul, turning towards Allah.

In fact, Allah tells us in chapter 13, verse 28 of the Qur’an that verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest. He has given us the answer we need. Yet we often find it hard to find that peace, even though we know this.

There was a time when I had reached a point of being physically unwell from the level of stress I was experiencing. It is a known medical fact that stress can be the trigger for physical ailments.

In my case I was gaining weight, losing mobility in my knees and unable to pray in Sujud. My body was on high alert constantly so the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in my body were causing an in balance in other hormones in my body and in turn I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my knees before turning 50.

After a bleak conversation with my doctor about how this was going to be my life from now on, I was determined to recover, one way or another.

I didn’t start at the gym, the doctors, the health coach or the naturopath. I started on the prayer mat. In January 2020, I started making Dua to Allah that I could pray in Sujud that Ramadan. I put my trust in Allah, and I started taking action. I started following an online diet that reduced the inflammation in my joints. Three weeks before Ramadan I was able to do all 5 prayers in Sujud and not in a chair. Alhumdolillah.

In Ramadan, I decided to step it up a level. I started asking Allah to give me the health to be able to climb Mt Lofty, the highest local mountain in Adelaide. I continued to take action by seeing a naturopath, cleaning up my diet and walking to get fit.

By August 2020, I climbed Mt Lofty for the first time. It took 1 hour and 52 minutes. I have since climbed it many times and decreased my time to 1 hour 18 minutes.

The point of this story is that the answers always came from Tawakkul. By turning to Allah, making Dua to Him, then taking action myself, my health transformed. Never underestimate the power of sincere, passionate Dua to Allah.

Remember, whatever the issue is, in the remembrance to Allah do hearts find rest. You won’t find it anywhere else! Alhumdolillah.