In a world of falsehood,
Be your genuine self.
In the company of fakes,
Stay true to yourself.
In a world where people live with a disease to please others,
Please only ALLAH
In a world where many may praise you and flaunt themselves on you for their selfish gains,
Choose wisely, beware and know in your heart, that you are not an object.
Don’t settle for fake friendships.
Speak well about yourself to yourself,
Be kind with yourself
Stay true to your heart
Your heart knows ALLAH
If ever in doubt, close your eyes and ask ALLAH.
If ever you feel regret, guilt or worthlessness,
Know that there is no one else in the entire cosmos that is you.
You are from ALLAH
You matter.
Because ALLAH created you.
Look within you and recognise that one thing that gives you most joy.
That thing is your gift from ALLAH
Go forth and live your gift.
And even if you say nothing else today,
Say Shukr Alhumdolillah.

– Princess R. Lakshman