Israel has become tyrannical, massacring Palestinians and stealing their land, unchallenged by complicit US and Australian governments. The clear injustice of zionism becomes a test. Everyone should speak against these wrongs. Palestinians themselves are gaining strength resembling lions in their resilience facing oppression since 1948.

Suddenly, reality is clear: The so called peace processes from Camp David to the Abraham Accords were ploys to entrench Israeli advantage and worsen Palestinians’ plight under brutal occupation.

Mosaic law imposes an “eye for an eye” but Israel demands 20 Palestinian eyes for an Israeli eye.

To any global citizen with a heart, this is unjust and surely must stop!

Against all universal norms, Israeli police crossed a red line desecrating the Al-Aqsa Mosque sanctuary, Islam’s third holiest, and attacking worshipers in Ramadan with stun grenades and rubber bullets.

Al-Aqsa is sacred for Muslims worldwide and we honour brave Palestinians protecting it.

The attack was a test for Israeli plans to illegally destroy Al-Aqsa in order to build a temple.

The Hamas response, firing rockets into Israel, led to Israeli forces illegally and cowardly precision-targeting Gazan hospitals, schools, media offices, civilian centres, causing 248 deaths, over half being women, children and the elderly.

A hadith informs: A man came to Muhammad (s) asking: “What do you think if a man intends to seize my wealth?” The Prophet said, “Do not give up your wealth.” The man said, “What if he fights me?” The Prophet said, “Then fight him.” The man said, “What if he kills me?” The Prophet said, “You will be a martyr.” The man said, “What if I kill him?” The Prophet said, “He will be in Hellfire.” (Muslim)

Islam has a political aspect, just as any community elects leaders and safe-guards its possessions.

Given that UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia dishonourably enhanced Israeli ties while weakening support for Palestinians, brotherly nations should establish a new Pan-Islamic political grouping to challenge oppression of Palestinians and chart a way forward.

This is especially considering that the 1969 burning of Salahuddin’s minbar in Al-Aqsa by a Christian Zionist sparked formation of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Palestinians are not weakening in their resolve to overcome Israeli oppression.

During greatest difficulty, believers receive their greatest spiritual elevation.

From the Seerah, during The Boycott (616-619 CE), starving Muslims had to resort to eating leaves and bark amidst wailing of hungry children.

The Prophet (s) helped them respond to persecution with patience and resilience. They turned to God and trusted Him.

This explains why the 2021 assessment of Islamic Well-Being (Batchelor), found Palestine ranks second among 50 Muslim countries.

Secular Austrian-Jew, Theodor Herzl, promoted zionist ideology. The initial objectives were overcoming anti-Semitism in Europe and establishing a Jewish state.  Both were achieved.

Zionism passes its ‘Use-by-date.’

Zionist supremacism now emerges to benefit some by severe loss of rights of indigenous Arabs. Human Rights Watch validated charges against Israel of apartheid and persecution.

Israel is currently indicted for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in the ICC Court.  Binyamin Netanyahu, is himself indicted for criminality.

Britain with its Balfour Declaration didn’t intend a tyrannical Israel. Britain, Australia and the US should challenge Israeli oppression.

Zionism is a spreading contagion, root-cause of the 9/11 attacks and  invasions-destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria. Israel now threatens countries like Iran and Malaysia.

It’s time the UN rules against Israel, which acts against world peace.

Peace is unlikely in Palestine-Israel until it becomes de-zionised so Muslims, Christians and refugees live peacefully with Jews. This is an elusive future due to zionist supremacism.

Together with fair minded Australians, we call upon the Scott Morrison government to condemn Israel and abandon all defence cooperation with this apartheid and racist state.


The ICC has not formally indicted Israel. It however, found evidence to investigate alleged Israeli war crimes. ICC chief prosecutor stated: “I’m satisfied war crimes have been or are being committed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”