During Israel’s recent attacks on Palestinians,  Facebook attempted to silence the avalanche of voices by establishing a special operations unit to censor, filter, block and remove any content that exposed the truth about the human rights abuses and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.  (1)

Facebook continues to be the world leader in social media platforms, with an active user base of 2.3 billion people.

Currently half the world (48%) use some form of social media.  In fact, over 80% of all humanity that are aged between 18 to 49 use social media.  (2)

In the fortnight during the latest attacks by Israel, targeting Palestinian civilians, media centres, hospitals, kindergartens and places of workshop, Facebook established the special operations unit to censor humanitarian voices from around the world. 

This attempt to silence the masses that were outraged by the blatant human rights abuses backfired when tens of thousands of social media users responded by leaving a 1 star rating for Facebook, causing them to drop from a 4.5 average to a 2.0 average rating in less than a fortnight.

This is the single largest and quickest drop in ratings in the history of Facebook and demonstrates the dissatisfaction people around the world feel with the recognised social media platform, which is no longer able to serve the needs of a woke global community.

The truth is that through various social media platforms, perhaps for the first time, humanity was able to witness the sheer terror experienced by Palestinian children, families and civilians, live, as it happened.

The millions of social media users experienced and shared, in real time, Palestinian homes being invaded or destroyed, buildings being bombed to rubble, including the Al Jazeera media building, a direct attack on freedom of speech, and the destruction of essential infrastructure like schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

One particular heartbreaking video of a defiant yet tearful 10 year old girl was shared far and wide, as she stood in the front of the pile of rubble that was just yesterday, her home.

Masses gathered in every corner of the globe with Free Palestine rallies being an overwhelming demonstration of solidarity amongst humanity.

It’s embarrassing that not one Australian media platform took aerial coverage of one of the largest protests in the history of protests in Melbourne.

The protests ran over two weekends, before the Covid-lockdown in Melbourne.  There were estimated to be over 30,000 people from all over Melbourne, from all cultures and races and faiths standing side by side in solidarity against apartheid, oppression and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

The sheer size and scale and diversity within these protests around the world speaks volumes and it’s shameful that there are ongoing efforts in Australian mainstream media to censor the authentic voices of the people.

The efforts made to erase and minimise Melbournains, alas humanity, coming together against genocide is a blatant demonstration of the systemic toxic biased cultures inherent within mainstream media.

It’s clear that there’s a multi billion dollar opportunity to launch media platforms and social media platforms where posts and content shared, especially those that speak up publicly against injustices and human rights abuses, those that speak truth to power, aren’t censored, filtered, blocked and removed.

With the demonstrated global market demand, now’s a great time to launch these more-inclusive, ethical, unbiased products that cater to a more woke customer base of global citizens.


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