The disaster of Gaza has been an epiphany for the whole world. It is quite evident that the array of mainstream and social media platforms tried to undermine the voices of protests demanding justice and its due right to live safe and secure life in their homeland, Palestine. 


Since 27 Ramadan, Israeli armed forces initiated series of relentless attacks against innocent Palestinians by barging into the holy mosque of al Aqsa on one of the odd nights of last 10 days of Ramadan (these odd nights are regarded as blessed nights and are sacred for Muslims) when Palestinians were busy praying.

The matter of surprise is how the whole world  accepted and found no reason of concern in this brutality. Not a single voice raised at a global level to abolish this rampage and destruction which ensued to engulf the various parts of Palestine later.  The world has witnessed that countries with power and hegemony receive different reactions in time of crisis and conflict.

The number of protests that grew globally showed that Palestine is not alone. Sadly, social media, mainstream channels and political leaders did not seem to be motivated enough to gather on a single stage to halt the callous attitude of Israeli onslaught.

This cycle of indifference is quite familiar to people specially to Muslims. The cycle of indifference highlights the stages as:

  1. Indifference to rising bigotry by majority of nations
  2. Growing anger
  3. Emotional manifestation – anger, frustration, and resentment
  4. Physical aggression
  5. Getting the blame of violence & terrorism
  6. More sanctions on Muslims

Long-standing-Injustices usually go unnoticed which infuriates any sensible and rational being to the point of anger and frustration. The fire of injustice burns a being, there he/she observes a stance of resentment. The whole world immediately responds by calling it terrorism which unites other different countries on a single platform against Muslims.

This world of polarised view, partial judgment and bias vision has absolutely failed in providing peace and security to vulnerable and weak people present anywhere around the globe. If organizations like UNO and OIC will not treat it as a red flag to react, then it would be too late to prevent other countries from the emotional turmoil of the sufferers.