Do wudu

Stay in a quiet room

Start with  Auzobillahiminah Shaitanirrajeem

Bismillah Arahman Arrahim.

Read Fatiha

Make 3 salawat upon prophet

Make 11 Astagfirullah

Then contemplate on hereafter

Have your prayer beads with you and recite 99 times La Allah il Allah  loudly with your tongue, mind and soul.

Recite 99 times Allahu loudly

Recite 99 times Ya Hayy

Then think about past and appreciate with your good deeds. Feel sorry for the wrongs.

At end Say Alhamdolillah, make salawat upon the Prophet

Then a short dua.

Whatever comes from your heart. It will take 15 minutes.

Do this for a week.