Unity Lion in action

The new mascot for Unity Grammar.

Eight year old Moazzam Siddiqui has won the Unity Grammar Design our Mascot competition, where he overcame strong competition form students in older year levels to reach the finalist position, and ultimately win the competition by achieving first prize.

The decision was based voting from the school Executive, members of staff and the student body. I recently met with this young designer to get an insight into the thoughts and inspiration of this design, which will represent the school’s #UGProud focus.

What was your design and what inspired you to choose it?

Moazzam: My name is Moazzam Siddiqui, I am in Year 3 and I am the winner of the Unity Grammar Design our Mascot Competition. My design was a lion, and what inspired me to choose it was because I love lions. Lions are fierce, very respected, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. I think a lion represents my school because like lions we are strong, proud and work hard.

How did you find out about the competition and why did you apply?

Moazzam: At first it was just for fun. My mum found out and told my older sister to enter the competition. My sister told me to also enter, so I did and wanted to have a chance to share my thoughts.As the winner of the design the mascot competition, what would you like to see the Unity Lion do when he arrives?

Moazzam: One thing that I would like to see the Unity Lion do when he arrives is to play my favourite sport which is Cricket. I also would like to see the mascot help students and high five them on the playground.

What is your favourite thing about the Unity Lion?

Moazzam: I love that he is friendly and jumps in the air. I can’t wait to see him jumping in the air in the playground.

In preparation for the Unity Lion’s arrival how would you like to help so other students share in being proud of the Unity Lion?

Moazzam: I would love to be a part in putting posters of the lion around the school because the Unity Lion was my idea and I want other students to feel proud of the Unity Lion and love him like I do. I want students to be excited for him to come to our school and represent Unity Grammar.