The Islamic Practice and Da’wah Circle (IPDC) organised their annual Iftar on Friday 23 April at Rydges Parramatta bringing together political, religious and community leaders  breaking bread together.

Various speakers  briefly discussed various issues such as the practical lessons of the month of Ramadan, impacts of fasting, the aspects of love and social justice in Islam, the role of religion in creating harmony and coexistence in the society and the importance of shared values in Australian culture and Islamic living.

Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC) is an Australia-wide community organisation primarily established by Australians of Bangladeshi-origin. While it organises numerous Iftar events at various suburbs in all states of Australia for its members, this particular Iftar  was arranged for the members of the greater Australian community.

Ms Jodi McKay MP

Sheikh Abu Hurayra, Imam of the St Mary’s Masjid, recited from the Qur’an to commence the formal program. A brief discussion session was moderated by Mr Shibly Abdullah, lecturer of Charles Sturt University. Mr Kamal Mahmud, the President of IPDC NSW, thanked all the guests during his welcome speech.

Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman

Among the guests who spoke at the event included Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, President of the Australian National Imams Council, Ms Jodi Leyanne McKay MP, Leader of the Opposition in the NSW Parliament, Mr David Shoebridge MLC, Member of the NSW Legislative Council, former NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon, Ms Mary Waterford AM, Chairperson of Sydney Alliance, Sheikh Adid Alrubai, representative of the Grand Mufti of Australia, Sheikh Jalal Chami, Amir of ASWJ Revesby, Reverend Dr Patrick McInerney, Director of the Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations, Bishop Vincent Long OFM, Bishop of Parramatta at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dr Majharul Talikder, IPDC’s Multicultural Affairs Secretary.

Mr David Shoebridge MLC giving speech

Dr Rafiqul Islam, Central President highlighted the religious aspects of fasting in Ramadan and achievements of IPDC while Mr Moniruzzaman, secretary of the organisation, thanked the attendees for their valuable participation.

Dr Rafiqul Islam giving speech

Several other speakers from various communities and organisations also joined this Iftar event, such as Dr Jan A Ali, Senior Lecturer of Western Sydney University, Mr Anwar Alsouly, Dawah Manager of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Canberra, Dr Naim Islam, Chairman of Charity Right Australia, Mr Zia Ahmed, Editor-in-Chief of Australasian Muslim Times AMUST, Mr Wajahat Ali Rana, President of Charity Australia International, Dr Kashif Aziz, Vice President of Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims, Mr Abdullah Yousuf Shamim, Editor-in-Chief of Suprovat Sydney, Mr Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Editor-in-Chief of Tribune International, Mr Mohammad Abdul Matin, Secretary of Sydney Press and Media Council, Mr Maruf Khan, President of Halal Australia, Mr Omar al Jamal, Australian Islamic Mission Youth President

Representatives from Sydney Alliance, Transport Workers Union, Community Migrate Resource Centre, Allied Industries NSW United Workers Union, Human Appeal, Australian Islamic Mission, Punchbowl Mosque, Al Khauther, Mercy Mission, Australian National Imams Council also attended the IPDC Iftar.