Lara Hawwash is a passionate Event planner who has been a big advocate for female entrepreneurship in businesses. This year she has planned her second Annual Women’s Day event, set in the luxurious Holroyd Centre. 

International Women’s Day is an important day for women across the world held each year on the 8 March. This day celebrates the achievements of women around the globe. Not only does it celebrate these great achievements but it is also a day to accelerate women achieving their equal rights around the world.

The Event held a Fashion walkway featuring Australian female Brands Labels: @hijabee.__ @casacaftans @dresshouseformalhire @omt.formalhouse @boutiquecosabella.

Lara Hawwash the organiser

Certificates were awarded to female-led businesses to celebrate their achievements and encourage other women to set out and chase their dreams. The highlight of the Event was the Multicultural fashion walk which featured beautiful models from different countries and sizes to showcase the deep cultural heritage and strength of women around the world.

There were some inspirational guest speakers on the day including @walla_abueid @safaalchami @jahida_elassaad @shameemako. At the conclusion of the event a High-Tea was presented to the guests, with all the amazing feedback, laughs and cheers it was no doubt a successful event and we cannot wait for her next Annual International Women’s Day.