Indian Minority Education Society of Australia Inc (IMESA) held a fundraising Iftar event on Saturday 1 May 2021. The Marigold hall at Glenwood Community Hub was filled to capacity with nearly 200 people in attendance. 

The program commenced with Quran recitation by Moulana Abeer ul Hassan Thanvi, a locally raised Imam, educated in South Africa. He gave an inspiring talk speaking about the acquiring  of knowledge in Islam and the emphasis of education of Muslim children. He appealed for giving  zakat and sadaqat during the holy month of Ramadan.

The renowned humanitarian Rabia Siddique, during her video message, emphasized that Ramadan was the time of compassion and charity saying to educate a child will educate and change the whole community.

“We must be the change, each and everyone of us, we have the power, as ordinary people, to do extraordinary things and to change the lives of those that we can” She said.

Daughter of an Indian Muslim father and an Australian mother, Rabia Siddique is an International speaker, humanitarian, best-selling author and hostage survivor during gulf war in Basrah, Iraq. The retired British Army officer, criminal and human rights lawyer and former terrorism and war crimes prosecutor, is also a sought after transformational coach and mentor. 

She applauded IMESA’s efforts in educating the poor Muslim children in India.


Speaking on behalf of IMESA, Mr Zahid Jamil described the plight of Indian Muslim children and why it was a duty of Indian Muslims living in Australia to help the poorest Muslims back home. Surely, all Muslims and people in general should consider helping this humanitarian cause.

IMESA aims to increase the educational levels of poorest Muslim children in India. Muslims number approximately 180 million in India and majority of them are among the poorest communities in India, and have below average levels of education, and suffer from deprivation of their basic needs.  

IMESA seeks to improve the lives of these families through promoting education, both encouraging children to stay in school, and encouraging parents of child labourers to enrol their children in school. It is achieved through educational campaigns, providing additional financial support for families (school fees, uniforms, compensation for lost), and providing after-hours study spaces and tutoring support. 

By providing vulnerable children with an education, IMESA seek to improve their future employment and economic opportunities, to improve their overall socio-economic status, and ultimately pass on these benefits to their families and the broader community.  

The fundraising call was very well received by the attendees who generously donated to the cause. The evening concluded with a dua by Dr Sikander Khan for COVID-19 affected people in India.

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