Masterchef 2018 contestant Hoda Hannaway is someone who gives and shares to support others.

It was Znoud El Sitt – one of her favourite Lebanese desserts – that helped Hoda qualify for the TV Channel 10 cooking show and has since become something of a calling card.

She began playing around with flavours, putting her stamp on a classic, and supplying restaurants with her handmade Znoud a couple of years ago. Since then Covid restrictions have meant more of us are necessarily eating at home so she launched a home delivery service so that less experienced cooks like you and me could enjoy making their own fresh Znoud – or at least putting the finishing touches to her Frozen Znoud kits.

Hoda sprinkling rose petals.

She generously chose to share her trademark Znoud recipe and the story of her love affair with the moreish pastries with Recipes For Ramadan complete with a step by step video Masterclass and exquisite photographs – all of which will be published on Recipe for Ramadan’s website.

And now she is donating 100% of sales of her traditional Frozen Znoud Kits to provide aid to the people of Palestine.

“I wanted to do something practical to support a grassroots charity and help provide food, water and shelter on the ground,” she said. “So in my own response to the atrocities that are happening in Palestine, I’m donating all proceeds from Znoud sales to Penny Appeal’s emergency response campaign.”

The offer runs until Friday 4 June  with pick-up and delivery available in Sydney. For more information and orders go to

Hoda’s recipe, her Znoud video Masterclass and her story can be found at

Recipes for Ramadan suspended social media posts while bloodshed and suffering marred the end of Ramadan and Eid and started reposting yesterday with a recipe for one of Palestine’s most internationally popular dishes, Maqluba with a ‘Masterclass’ video demonstration from Human Appeal Australia’s Omar Al-Jamal plus his family story from the Jordanian board with the West Bank.

OJ with finished Maqluba.

Human Appeal Australia is also running a Gaza Emergency Appeal in the wake of the worst air strikes since 2014.

“During the 11 days of bombing, the Palestinian death toll was 253 people, 66 of them children,” reported Omar.

“Almost 1,900 people have been injured and 250,000 people in the Gaza strip don’t have access to water. More than 230 apartment buildings were reduced to rubble destroying 1800 residential units with another 14,300 units also rendered unfit for housing. 90,000 people have been left displaced and homeless.”

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