One of its kind, an Accessibility FunFest was held on Sunday 4 April at Ollie Webb Reserve in Parramatta organised by Seena Incorporated, a not for profit community organisation promoting inclusiveness and celebrating ability and freedom as opposed to disability.

The event was sponsored by  a number of organisations and service providers including Resilience To Recovery, Zaffet Afraah, My Ability Care, Community Support Services and AMUST.

There was an overwhelming response with more than 120 people registering for the free event in advance who turned up with their carers, family and friends to enjoy and relax on a beautiful sunny day.

The indefatigable President of Seena, Mehar Ahmad together with her enthusiastic team arrived at the park at 6.30 in the morning and had everything set up including food and drinks by the time registered guests started arriving at 10 am.

Attendees celebrated to exciting drumming and music by Zaffet Afraah.

There was no formal program, but plenty of interactive activities organised for the participants in keeping with their ability level including colouring, Henna and face painting for both for adults and children.

The NDIS service provider Resilience to Recovery organised a fantastic fashion parade where their clients arrived in their best cultural dresses, many proudly wearing a variety of hats and jewellery.

In sync with drumming by Zaffet Afraah, a large number of people including those in wheelchairs joined a procession going around the park singing and dancing in their own way joined by many others picnicking  in the park.

With the water park adjacent to the FunFest venue and it being a warm day, many children supervised by their parents had aqua fun on the day as well.

Free show bags with all kinds of goodies were distributed to all participants and many other visitors in the park who in the spirit of inclusiveness were offered free food as well.

A group of Indians friends on picnic at the park became inquisitive as to the nature of the event and commended Seena for bringing isolated people out of their homes to the park in a very interesting and inclusive communal event.

The FunFest concluded with the release of a number of doves by people of different abilities with their own hands symbolising freedom from isolation and limitations.

The FunFest indeed proved to be an extremely inclusive event participated by a diverse range of people from different cultural backgrounds, ages, faiths, abilities and interests who were all catered for very well.

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