Feeding Australia, subsidiary project of Salman Foundation provides food to the homeless people of Perth.

“Do not show lethargy or negligence in giving alms and charity till your last breath.” -Muhammad (s) (Hadith Bukhari and Muslim).

Muhammad Salman and his team are the real-life example of this hadith by providing Fresh fruits, vegetables and hot meals in the centre of the Perth CBD. Feeding Australia doing this charity from 2015 by providing over more than one hundred thousand kg food to the homeless people of Perth on every weekend.

Feeding Australia collects fresh vegetables from Coles Australia through second bite program, on every Friday night they distribute it among all the homeless people of Perth, on next night volunteers’ members of feeding Australia cooked over more than fifty meals for the homeless public of Perth.

Feeding Australia Founder Muhammad Salman “vowed that his organisation would keep doing this food charity unless there is a single homeless person sleeps without food in Perth and for future his organisation  Feeding Australia will try to provide food to the homeless even on the weekdays as well.”