Australia News: (Indian) Australians to be jailed (5 years) or fined ($66,000), if they fly in (Australia) from India

Absolutely disgusting and #criminal for Australian government to make such racist policy against people of colour.

When America was facing covid surge, Europe was dealing with high mortality rate, when britishers were spreading variant 2, none of them visiting Australia were #criminalised in such #brutality

When it’s #Indian origin #Australians, you can’t come up with #draconian laws to #humiliate fellow citizens

This is no less #racist but also highlights the entrenched #whitesupremacy in some of our politicians till date – get your minds & hearts drained from such filth

It’s unacceptable and an apology is to be issued from the government for even making such an oppressive and #authoritarian rule

Myself being an #IndianAustralian, I take severe offence to this #tyranny and demand that this not only be revoked but an apology be issued to all Indian Australians and immediate arrangements for bringing the 9000 stranded Australians back home.

I have family and friends stranded in India as we speak, and I am not going to sit silent for this insanity to prevail.

I urge fair-dinkum Australians to write and urge their local ministers to speak up on this issue and not let century old white-supremacist ideology (that once #dehumanised & murdered aboriginal populace) pop up once again in our midst in 21st century.

Article (outlining the despotic policy): /-

Waseem Razvi

Proud Indian Australian