The Australian Muslim Advocacy Network (AMAN) has sought leave to appear at the Coronial Inquest into the death of Raghe Abdi. 

The inquest will examine the death of the 22 year old Somali-Australian, who was shot by police in December 2020. Police declared a terror event shortly after, suggesting there was a link between the boy and a double homicide of an elderly couple in their home.

Mr Abdi was prejudicially labelled a ‘radicalised ISIL supporter’ by numerous mainstream media outlets. In March 2021, the ASIO Director General referred to Mr Abdi with the same label, before the inquest had even begun. AMAN had asked the Queensland Police and Australian Federal Police to clarify or correct the record in December 2020.

“Seeing this label being thrown around before the inquest, without any clear evidence or allegation stated by police was distressing to many,” said AMAN’s advisor, Rita Jabri-Markwell.

She says the inquest carries possible implications for human rights, public health and safety.

The organisation hopes to provide latest research on counter terrorism policing and its impact on vulnerable youth and community, including the media handling. It also hopes to have access to the facts to conduct its own independent analysis.

Separately, AMAN has also written to the Queensland Police Commissioner about the media handling of that incident. The organisation will be looking for standards that uphold human rights, especially in regard to due process before the law, acknowledging there are high community impacts from terror reporting and that defamation safeguards are not applicable where the individual has passed.

It is understood the family of the late Raghe are privately represented but are appealing for donations to assist with the steep and ongoing costs of legal representation. 

Support for the legal costs can be directed to the boy’s father, Mohamed Abdi, via Pay ID 0450 626 248 or by emailing [email protected].