Many Muslim artists are entertaining the Muslim community with Nasheed, considered to be halal and remind the listener of Allah and Islamic teachings. 

This is an alternative to mainstream music that many scholars consider haram due to its contents and negative effects on society.

Muslims from all around the world listen to nasheeds which are more suitable and usually are about Islamic teachings or about good ethics and mannerisms and are found to be acceptable in Islam and encouraged by Muslim scholars especially as an alternative to for mainstream illicit music. 

Lebanese Australian nasheed Artist Billal Mourad was brought up in a nasheed orientated environment. 

“My parents raised me up to love the Prophet Muhammad (s) and chanting songs of love towards our messenger was part of my up bringing,” Billal Mourad said.

In today’s world, we are undoubtedly surrounded by music that goes against Islamic teachings along with music videos that show images that can be very damaging to Muslims thoughts and can lead to sinful acts. 

Mainstream music can have really damaging effects on a Muslims by listening to bad words and can lead to adultery (zina). These days music is contaminated with curse words, obscene language, violence and drugs. 

All these are toxic for Muslims and may influence them into doing the themes contained in these types of music and stray listeners away from the right path. It can also be destructive and make you feel depressed and take a toll on one’s psychological well being, it can bring negative thoughts and sad emotions. 

The long term negative and damaging effects of listening to mainstream music is normalization of sins and acts that are praised or bragged about in mainstream music, things like bragging about money and materialism, objectifying women, committing crimes, and many other things that are not only not accepted in islam but also unacceptable in society.

Performing nasheeds in gatherings is quite normal for Billal. However, singing in a studio and shooting video clips wasn’t something that he always entertained. Billal is a teacher by profession and a Taekwondo instructor.

Gaining motivation from his father and other devout mentors to sing, he recognises the impact music can have on Muslim youth and hopes give a different substitute for Muslims to remind them of Allah, his Messenger Prophet Muhammad (s) and Islam.

“We all know about the pernicious effects of modern music.  I wanted to give people, especially the youth, an alternative. I hope I do it justice, inshallah,” he says.

He advises Muslim youth to veer away from listening to unethical music. As it will destroy you from inside and out.

“It’s an industry that has undoubtedly shaped the modern world. Artists are now looked upon as mentors and many have a huge following. It becomes concerning when the wrong message is being propagated. I ask Allah to guide me in spreading a good message,” he said.

Being inspired by other nasheed artists such as Mishary bin Rashid Alafasy and Sami Yusuf. He loves praising the Prophet (s) which makes his debut single ‘Rasulillah’ his favourite.

“I have a soft spot for my debut single ‘Rasulillah.’ I love songs that praise the Prophet Muhammad (s).”

Billal plans to release more nasheeds and video clips in the near future, inshallah. He has recently recorded a nasheed in Arabic called ‘Woulidal Houda’ by the famous Egyptian poet, Ahmed Shawqi.