Aamon Sayed

Addlove is a podcast about the human experience.

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The Beehive Podcast

Samantha J Boyle

Join The Hive and tune in for weekly episodes with your co-hosts Bilal & Samantha. Our podcast is lifestyle based. We will be discussing faith, news, marriage and family, taboo topics, finance, work & many other related topics.

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Tanzim Alam, Joshua Faya and Rafael Bruzzese.

Boys In The Cave Podcast ethos is to ‘revive Islamic discourse, thus intends to be a platform that provides much needed exposure as well as accessibility of information, varying perspectives and ideas when it comes to intellectual discourse and dialogue within a modern context.

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Burn Your Passport

Nazeem Hussain

Travel broadens the mind. Naz disagrees. As a stand-up comedian he spends a lot of his life on the road and for him, travel sucks. Delays, terrible food, strange beds, hotel neighbours ‘getting to know each other’ are just some of the pitfalls that make him want to stay at home. Together with fellow stand-ups from Australia, and elsewhere, he’ll convince you on this ABC Radio Comedy podcast to burn your passport and stay the hell at home.

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The Chat Fam

Emirza, Samara and Soraya

Wacky, hilarious, and chat conversations between childhood friends. The Chat Fam features members Emirza, Samara, and Soraya talking about everything, and anything. The podcast will also often include The Chat Fam candidly discuss and share their own perspectives and experiences being Australian, Indonesian (so expect to hear some Bahasa), and Muslim. Oh and if you’re wondering what chat means, then you yourself are probably chat and need to tune in. Enjoy!

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Corporate Majlis

Ali Memon

Chronicling the stories of go getters in our Muslim community from all walks of life. You get to learn about where they started, where they are now and everything in between.

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Deep Discussions Podcast

Calisha Bennett and Roslyn Debono

Tune in to the weekly episodes of The Deep Discussions Podcast with Calisha Bennett and Roslyn Debono and hear about the journey of everyday Muslims in our Ummah. Through sharing experiences about wins, struggles and ways to overcome them, we hope to inspire our listeners with faith and confidence InShaAllah.

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Fair Dinkum

Weli, Ali Imam

‘Think progress, not perfection’

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The Imbalanced Podcast

Burhan and MK

The Imbalanced Podcast features two friends who took extremely different perspectives on life, loads of banter, real life experiences and turned them into an exciting podcast.

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Khilafah Podcast

Yahya Alam

Podcast relating to the affairs of the Ummah and Islamic revival.

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Kickback Republic

Ali Al-Zaidi

Come kickback as we talk to some interesting people!

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 Sadaqa Welfare Podcast “Real sister talk”

Jana Abdul Aziz

A new Podcast by Sisters for Sisters.

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She Talks

Amna Karra-Hassan, Sahar Dandan & Yash Kammoun

SHE Talks is a video podcast with three very different women discussing ideas, topics and community issues all with unique views. We do not always see eye to eye so this provides for a very entertaining yet informative segment. We will be discussing topics such as societal pressures, issues in the Muslim community and how they affect us, and any other topics our audience throw at us.

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