One of Recipes for Ramadan’s aims is to unpack what Ramadan means. Fitting then that Human Appeal Australia has become Presenting Partner and to mark its 30th anniversary, the partnership will reflect and demonstrate the central role of food in Ramadan, exploring the relationship between food, fasting, sharing what we have and the importance of charity and zakat to Muslims. 

“Ramadan is beginning to find a place on the Australian calendar,” says Bashar Al-Jamal, Human Appeal Australia’s Director, “and food has a special role to play.”

“What we put on our tables and who we choose to share it with is one way so many of us engage with the wider Australian community, sharing religious and cultural traditions and stories, and building lasting relationships, community and social cohesion.”

“Fasting is also an important act of self-sacrifice which focusses our empathy for those facing real poverty and hunger – people who do not have a choice about how much or little they eat. And breaking the fast together is about sharing what we have, an act of hospitality, generosity and charity, inviting others to sit and eat whilst we as hosts serve and provide.” 

Across the world, Human Appeal Australia is ‘feeding the fasting’ and in collaboration with Recipes for Ramadan, is planning local activations from sharing footage of its iftars at Al-Aqsa to feeding the homeless in Australia.  Watch this space…

We are also delighted that Tender Loving Care Disability Services (TLC) is partnering again. This year involving MAYEfoodz, a new venture TLC CEO Yasser Zaki and his team are establishing to provide a pathway to employment for people with a disability.

“Domty cheese is arguably the world’s best feta and we’re excited to establish national distribution for this and a great range of fruit juices and quality frozen vegetables from Egypt but what excites us most is our plan for 70% of our staff to be people with a disability in roles right across the business,” says Mr Zaki.

“We want to make a real difference in the lives of the people we work with and believe MAYEfoodz will do that.”

The company will be importing Mloukiya leaves, making them easier to find in Australia insh’allah.  Check out the recipe Lina Jebeile (aka the Lebanese Plate) inherited from her mum and Lina’s story at

Lina Jebeile’s
Mloukiya dish.

Other community partners include Amity College (Prestons, NSW), Unity Grammar (Austral, NSW) and Together For Humanity, the educational not-for-profit working with school communities to foster intercultural understanding and acceptance and helping students learn to deal with difference, regardless of faith or ethnicity. 

CBCity – Canterbury Bankstown Council – is also continuing its partnership with Ramadan Nights Haldon Street Markets in Sydney’s Lakemba cancelled under a second year of Covid restrictions. 

We were flattered by Greenleaf Foods keenness to be involved: “We have seen the great work Recipes for Ramadan has done and would love to see the great work continue,” wrote ABWFoods Key Accounts Manager – International Foods, Walid Afiouny.

And we’re excited by the people keen to contribute – including a pharmacist and nutritionist with tips on healthy eating and avoiding putting on weight in Ramadan.

We’ll be sharing recipes, stories, videos and family photos from early April and daily through Ramadan – on-line at and on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The Guardian is also running a five-part Recipes for Ramadan series, presenting a recipe and story every Saturday from April 10 to May 8. 

So please join us for Iftar – as a virtual ‘host’, sharing a recipe and story dear to your family or be our guest, find inspiration to cook and others’ life-stories to enjoy.

Ramadan Mubarak.

For further information about future plans, contributing, partner opportunities, intercultural initiatives, sponsorship opportunities, please contact  [email protected]