A new show by National Zakat Foundation called ‘Ramadan Real Talk’ has been launched during the blessed month of Ramadan. The series aims to speak about taboo issues facing the Muslim community. The series is streamed live on the ‘National Zakat Foundation Australia’ Facebook page at 9pm.

The first episode of ‘Ramadan Real Talk’ was aired on Sunday 18 April which featured guests Clinical Psychologist Nasreen Hanifi and mentor and educator Dalya Ayoub to discuss mental health issues within the muslim community and iman.

Dalya Ayoub mentioned that working in the field and listening to people’s distressing stories sometimes has a negative impact on her mental mental health but says it is vital that we take care of ourselves.

“It is important to take care of yourself and for me spiritually is the ultimate aspect, because seeking strength from the source of all strength and power which is Allah I believe is the ultimate way to help through this”, Dalya Ayoub Said.

There is no doubt that conversations around mental health have arisen, however there are calls to improve and normalise discussions about various mental disorders beyond depression and anxiety. 

“There are still families who are in denial of drug and alcohol factors, sexual abuse is another huge factor. Those topics of discussion are still very taboo”, Nasreen Hanafi 

Both ladies stressed the importance of tapping into your emotions as it is normal to show and feel them. They also emphasised that mental struggles does not equate to a lack of Iman.

“We can’t say that if a person has chronic back pain that it’s because of their lack of Iman, just like we can’t say somebody who’s got depression that it’s because of a lack of Iman”,  Dalya Ayoub, says.