What’s so special happening and expecting! An unexpected lockdown, Ramadan, Eid and NAPLAN for the kids studying in the grades 3, 5, 7 and 9. Yes, NAPLAN is falling just during Ramadan and Eid this year.

Thankfully, the education department has allowed some relaxations  for our kids and our kids can sit for a test on the another day instead of the Eid Day. However, two tests will be done during the last week of Ramadan. Please don’t be captious as these dates are preselected every year around the second week of May.

Are you still wondering what NAPLAN is, or seem confused with the unanswered questions? This overview will help you with the information on, what is assessed, how the information is used, and how to help prepare your child for the tests.

National assessment platform:

NAPLAN is a national exam introduced in 2008 by Julia Gillard (Education Minister at that time). ACCARA is managing the tests from 2010. Each May, over one million students take the NAPLAN tests. NAPLAN is stands for ‘National Assessment Program of Literacy and Numeracy. This program is actually a tool for the government to check the right balance and education performance at the national level and to plan future policies.

Online or paper base:

NAPLAN will move online over the next two years. Schools are in the preparation phase and have started the BYOD (Bring your own device) program. These devices can be used with restricted software to limit student access to the sites of information or spell check. However, in 2021 your child will be sitting the paper-based NAPLAN tests, unless you have received a different information from your child’s school.

Testing criteria and results:

Your child will be tested for the five NAPLAN domains:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation
  • Numeracy

After assessments, the results will be mapped in different bands in graphical representation to inform students of the outcome. The bands relevant for the year level are as follows:

  • Year 3 – results will be reported in Band 1 to Band 6
  • Year 5 – results will be reported in Band 3 to Band 8
  • Year 7 – results will be reported in Band 4 to Band 9
  • Year 9 – results will be reported in Band 5 to Band 10


Compare with class results:

You will receive an individual report of the results in Term 3, which will provide information on how your child/children have performed compared to the national average. You might not be convinced with the one point of time testing process, where students can fall if they cannot perform on the specific time of the day. So the best way to compare results is to check the class academic performance as well. Use NAPLAN to compare only for numeracy and literacy as science, IT or any other subjects are not part of NAPLAN grading.

How to prepare for the test:

Please keep in mind, NAPLAN isn’t a test that your child usually prepares for, like science or humanities, etc. It checks the skills that have improved over time, and that have been developed with practice throughout the year. You can help your child to improve but you cannot achieve high levels with just a few days of practice. I have a listed few things which I am using for my own children to make them familiar with the exam and format.

1- Before sitting the NAPLAN test, go through the past tests papers to get familiar with the content and style of the question paper. Help them to use pencil to shade the circle in for the right answer.

2- Time management is crucial, please teach your kids to complete a paper within the time frame and if some questions are taking too much time then move on to the next question. Specific time is allowed for each domain; you may check this from past papers.

3- Ask your child’s teacher to give you some feedback for any writing task done by your child at the school. Focus on those areas which need improvement like planning, paragraphing, closing, grammar or just simply a hand writing.

NAPLAN tests schedule – 2021

Please refer this schedule for our kids if studying in ICB. ACCARA has issued a special statement for schools and if your child is attending state school, you may request from school to organise an alternate day for tests. Schools will also help your child to start NAPLAN tests first thing in the morning to ensure fasting students’ energy levels are at their highest

11 May Tuesday          –    Language Conventions and Writing

12 May, Wednesday  –  Reading

17 May Monday.         –  Numeracy

If your child needs some special adjustments, the school will help you to get the approval to use any type of special aid in this exam. If you are interested in knowing more about NAPLAN and special adjustments, it would be useful if you contact your child’s teacher.