Friday 15 March 2019 in Christchurch was a day of hate crime that took many peaceful precious lives. The whole world watched in shock, how a human can act worse than an animal with hate. Hate made himself a victim and made other innocent people his victims too.

Hate made the hater to lower himself down from the honourable human status do commit the most dishonourable act of atrocity. Hate motivated to kill innocent old people, young people, women, men, and children with no mercy.

The question is, did hate win? Or did he win? Mankind need to be reminded about the truth by this simple question. Could he eliminate 1.8 billion Muslims from this earth by his hate attack? Could he scare Muslims to abandon their peaceful prayer in the Mosques? Could he turn all the non-Muslims friends to hate peaceful Muslims? Could he win the gold medal for his atrocity? Did the world cheer for his hate crime? Or did the world embrace hate philosophy from him? Or did he receive a better life for his hate crime?

The answer is very clear. He did not win people’s hearts. Hate did not win. Hate did not get support from the peaceful people in this world. The world rejected hate and embraced the opposite. The opposite is that humans must love another human regardless of faith, no faith, race, religion, or ethnicity. Mankind reacted to hate with love. As a result, hate lost terribly.

Love, on the other hand won. The First responders risked their lives without asking who the victims were, or what was their race or religion. They had one thing in their minds and that was “Human Love.” Their love for humanity have made them honourable heroes.

What was the overwhelming reaction to the hate attack in Christchurch Mosques? Again, it was love. All the flowers, all the tears, all the support, and all the compassion made Love the winner. One persons hate was replaced by the millions expressing love. Love quickly spread all around New Zealand, across the sea in Australia, and all around the world. Hate could not spread as much as love did.

If we look at the comparison between the hate and love from the Christchurch tragedy, what should we remember from it? I think, we must remember the power of love that unites human, saves lives, brings peace, and brings safety for the next generations.

We must continue reminding the mankind that we must choose love, not hate. We must spread this message as much as we can for a better world. We also must come together as humans to break barriers, to remove misunderstandings, and to build unity in diversity to promote a safe planet for all of us.