Community Support Service is a Social Enterprise that takes a holistic approach to empower vulnerable members in Bankstown and Canterbury Area.

For the past three years, CSS looked after marginalised families, domestic violence victims, refugees, seniors, people with disabilities, international students, and any other minority groups.

However, everyone who is facing financial hardship or going through a tough time in their lives can access these services.

CSS provides integral assistance to all their members, including emergency relief services, skill-development programs, and coaching sessions.

They also provide referrals to broader community bodies, access to networking events, or liaise on their behalf when required.

CSS stand together with their members and sponsors as a village; They strongly believe that collectively, they can enhance the wellbeing and welfare of our community.

Thus, CSS clients not only have a welcoming space for them to interact and receive the help required but to grow within the community. Seeing their development after challenging times is what makes all their hard work and efforts fully worth it!

The impact of CSS services is greater than the one anyone would think; Many lives are saved, many families are supported, and an optimistic, bright future is put in place. In 2020 alone, CSS fed 25,000 families and give them the right tools to thrive and not merely to survive.

Creating a significant difference in our community is CSS motto and therefore, partnerships with organisations, like Seena, are always welcome.

People with special needs can always count on CSS; we provide a safe space for them to interact as we promote fair treatment and equal opportunities for all.

However, under the petition of some careers and support workers, CSS has facilitated an exclusive day for NDIS members to come to our centre and collect their groceries.

They have also opened our doors to volunteers with special needs, like Henry who has been helping us since October last year with his outstanding creativity and graphic designing skills.

“Together we are stronger, and we will bring a brighter future for all. Thank you so much for trusting us and for allowing us to be part of the Accessibility Funfest.”

To find more about CSS services and initiatives, please visit