On Wednesday 24 February 2021, Islamic Women’s Welfare Association (IWWA) in Lakemba celebrated the purchase of a van through the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership program and the installation of a shade sail through funding from Westfield Burwood’s Local Heroes Program and a donation from Sydney Shade Sails. 

Abla Tohamy Kadous, Souhair Afiouny and Jihad Dib.

The van will be used to increase positive social activities and community participation for IWWA’s senior members. 

The shade sail is sheltering IWWA’s food programme beneficiaries from the elements. 

Special thanks go to Mr Jihad Dib MP for Lakemba, Westfield Burwood and Sydney Shade Sails. 

For information about classes and programmes on offer at IWWA contact 0297591675 or 0451394408.


Mark Smith and Melissa Peck of Westfield Burwood with Abla Tohamy Kadous of IWWA


Mark Smith, Melissa Peck of Westfield Burwood with Leonard Collins and Kim Jepson of Sydney Shade Sails.

Amal Saeed. Abla Tohamy Kadous and Jihad Dib.