Can you actually guarantee that the meat or chicken you consume is halal even with certification?

In a recent investigation showcased on Friday 26 March titled “Ruffled feathers – Exposing the Halal Industry” by OnePath Network,  the integrity of the Australia’s halal industry has been threatened with shocking revelations of organisations we trust to be honest about certifying meat as halal.

Halal means something which is permissible for Muslims. The slaughterman must be a Muslim, Jew or Christian, the animal should be a permissible animal and the tool used to slaughter the animal should be a sharp and one that will cause the least amount of pain to the animal.  

With the growing demand for meats, slaughterhouses in Australia are processing millions of animals on a weekly basis which therefore raises concerns on whether or not these companies are meeting the halal standards that would be permissible for Muslim consumption.

The halal slaughter process seem to have been compromised by not mentioning Bismillah (mention of God’s name/seeking permission), cross-contamination and the use of stunned animals or gassed animals who sometimes are dead.

It has become increasingly easier for anyone to create a halal certification business simply by using a few clicks for applying online and ready for issuing halal certificates. Some businesses are also self certifying their own business.

Nagi Taleb from ANIC has advised consumers to be sure whether the halal certification body is legitimate or not.

“It’s very important to make sure you recognise a genuine halal certification and try to stake-out those certification bodies”, Nagi Taleb told One Path Network.

In the Australian local Halal Industry, there is no body that oversees and regulates halal certified operations and processes.

In a shocking revelation, gas stunned chickens, where some have  already died even prior to slaughtering it have been sold as halal.

“It all comes back to the consumer, we are the consumers and if these companies, slaughterhouses and certifiers see that there is genuine concern in the Muslim community for more regulation and transparency to take place then they will fall in line,” Sheikh Haroun Kanj told OnePath.