The 15th Harmony Day Celebration of the Canterbury Bankstown Harmony Group was held on Monday 22 March 2021 at Riverwood Community Centre joined by members of the diverse community from the area.

The yearly event, held since 2004, is an initiative of Karl Saleh, former deputy Mayor of Canterbury Bankstown Council and the founder and convenor of the Canterbury Bankstown Harmony Group.

“Harmony Day is an important celebration of our local community and it is wonderful to be able to come together again after the significant Covid 19 challenges to celebrate unity peace and respect,” Mr Saleh said.

The event opened with Riverwood Community Choir and showcased cultural dresses, and  incredible special performances from people originally from China , Lebanon, Sudan, Bangladesh, Vietnamese and more.

The celebration was attended by a number of community leaders and politicians including Sophie Cotsis MP, Member of Canterbury, Mark Coure MP, Member for Oatley while Tony Burke, Federal Member for Watson send a special message read by Anne Sinclair.



“We are a community which celebrates diversity and social cohesion. We come together with respect for each other, young and old and to stand together in peace and harmony,” Mr Burke said.

He further added, “we are a vibrant nation of cultures, faiths and communities bound together with threads of unity and there are over 18 diverse communities which make up the fabric of the Harmony Group.”

“Our multicultural society is a patchwork of diverse backgrounds. And like a
quilted patchwork blanket, each culture, while retaining its own unique traditions, is attached to another with threads that are strongest when we all unite on one front – respect for all people,” Mr Burke concluded.