The Grow With Me Childcare team celebrated and acknowledged their staff for their tireless work on Saturday  27th March 2021 at GupShup Lounge in Auburn. 

Every parent wants a level of excellence for their children’s foundational years providing a nurturing, experience-based learning environment.

Grow With Me Childcare in Greenacre, Sydney strives for this Excellence, recently receiving their first ever Assessment and Rating by the Department of Early Childhood Directorate Office as overall Exceeding!

Cofounders and Directors Anisa and Sadia Khan ventured into a purpose built long day care centre right in the midst of COVID-19.

After successfully running a Cultural and Religious Centre, Dar Al Ihsan and not being able to accommodate the back log of students waiting, both sisters ventured into a Long Day Care centre to accommodate longer hours for working parents.

What they didn’t know was coming was the impact of COVID-19 on their centre.

Their team at Grow With Me with highly experienced and passionate staff from all cultural backgrounds were determined to continue to provide outstanding service and care to the children and community.

There was a time during the pandemic when both partners thought they would close their doors!

With the support of their staff, management and the community they not only remained afloat but were waitlisted and reached full capacity within 6 months.

Most children are of the Islamic faith. The centre provides language and religious classes to the children through a very hands on approach.

They have families that travel as far as Maroubra, Illawong and Prestons.

The centre also has accommodated children with additional needs from having students with Autism to young ones having Joubert Syndrome.

The centre recently underwent a rigorous two day assessment and rating where the Department of Early Childhood assesses 7 Quality Areas that are part of the National Quality Framework. This assessment & rating is undertaken every 3 years.

Grow With Me achieved in their first ever assessment Exceeding in 4 quality areas and Meeting in 3 quality areas giving them an overall ranking of Exceeding.

These quality areas benefit first and foremost children in care and their parents as it gives them an external, unbiased view of the quality of care at a particular centre.

2017 Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) figures show that of the 12286 quality rated centres only 29% receive an overall rating of exceeding across the country.

Next step is to work towards being awarded the Excellence in Education and Care which only approximately 50 centres across the country achieved (2017 ACECQA figures).

Anisa and Sadia would like to thank their staff, families and all the community efforts as it truly takes a village to raise a child.