Dr Mohammad Basheer Ahmed, 85, an Indian Muslim veteran leader passed away on Friday 22 Jan 2021. His death is a huge loss for his family and the whole community as he did a lot of work for the development and better prospect of the community as well his family. 

Dr Ahmed completed his medical degree from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India and worked as a senior government doctor. Though he retired from government services after a long distinguished service but not from his social service till his last breath.

He was a director of Crescent High School, a social activist, board of director for Rumaan Hospital, Vice president of Islamic Welfare Society, active associate of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, member of Khaadiman E Millat organization, member of Seva Bank, a philanthropist founder and adviser of Gulf High School.

He was a true practitioner of Islamic principles and always did work to please Allah. He was pure hearted and admired by a lot of people around him. He was a magnanimous donor, an amazing inspirer, a great and unique motivator, a caring and loving preacher and a kind advisor. He maintained good relations with everyone.

He was passionate about his social work and was never stopped by his age or health in performing his work.  He taught and practiced the art of giving saying “be a giving hand rather than a receiving hand because giving hand is greater than receiving hand” and he followed this principle teaching till his last breath.

He was one of the most altruistic persons with no attachment to material things.  If anyone needed anything, he will literally give it away with little concern of losing.

He had enough money to spend on a lavish lifestyle but he never wished for it. Instead, he contributed his wealth among poor and needy to uplift them from poverty and become self-sufficient.

After his retirement, he established Crescent High School and College to provide education to the minority groups in India actively getting involved in talking to parents on how to help kids become better in studies.

He considered education as one of the key factors in helping the community become better and he worked hard to provide it.  He motivated my sister-in-law to build and run Gulf High School in one of the most backward area of Karimnagar to help kids acquire education.

This project started 30 years ago and now that area consisting a large Muslim population has become a developed area. Many kids that graduated are now residing abroad and holding position all over India.  He always helped and provided assistance in overcoming the hurdles, struggle and challenges needed to run the school.

He also distributed books to poor kids in remote areas for their better education. He ran a clinic only for poor patients and used to give them free medicine.

One of the things he thought me in life is to be hardworking, honest and always go out of my way to help other people.

May the sky shed its dew upon your grave!
May the freshly grown verdure watch over your home! (Allama Iqbal)