Activate Youth Inc (AY) was launched as an independent, Australian Muslim Youth-led, not-for-profit organisation on Sunday, 28 February 2021.  

The launch attracted  45+ attendees that actively participated in co-designing the future of AY.

AY seeks to address challenges around the social, mental, physical and financial well-being of multicultural youth.

AY provides a platform for young people in Victoria to #empower, #lead and #inspire each other and the wider community irrespective of race, religion and language.

Some of the first organisational supporters of AY announced their tangible contributions at the launch.

Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) announced a  one year membership for AY and sponsored the launch venue and catering costs.

The Board Of Imams Victoria provided a significant grant to hold the event.

Other sponsors of the event include Above All Home Services, Taxhouse Group Accountants, Officeworks, Jestreats and Soheb Sarwar’s Graphic Design.

Guest speakers: Br. Adel Salman – President of Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV)
Br. Mohamed Mohideen – Immediate past president of ICV
Sh. Mohammad Nawas – Secretary of Board of Imams Victoria (BOIV)
Br. Rifai Raheem – Secretary/Director, Werribee Islamic Centre (WIC)