In our modern society, people tend to assess an individual’s value by their profession or wealth. Regardless of how content you are with your life, people just see the external and materialistic things, such as the house you live in, the car you drive, and the brands you wear.

Everyone has their own beliefs and perspectives of life and we cannot deny that we sometimes judge people involuntarily.

Today, people view a housewife as a woman who just sits at home to feed and look after her children, cook, and clean the house for her husband.

Technically, society considers a housewife not even an easy job rather not a job at all, due to the inexistence of a tangible income. As evident, legally it falls under the unemployed job status.

Moreover, people often underrate and overlook the tasks of a housewife and so it is no longer of much significance. Regardless of the amount of effort or the number of hours a mother spends raising her kids to live in our rapidly changing world, society yet underestimates her role.

A housewife is not just a job, rather a whole investment. Raising a kid to be a good citizen is nowhere near easy. And if you ask why, it is because it requires high manners, positive values, good morals, and solid beliefs for a child to a beneficial individual in their society.

In addition, the necessity for this child to have academic achievements, learn the necessary skills for life, all requires hard work from the parents. It is also quite time consuming.

Yet, a housewife in our modern society tends to hold shame that she is what they insist to call “unemployed”, which is a very inconvenient label.

Children are the future generation who takes after their parents. If children are not well taught the skills needed for life, the future is at great risk.

Mothers grow children who will later have various influences in our communities. One day they will be the individuals who choose their career pathway, arrange their family’s finance, make political decisions and much more.

If the income is the only thing that society will judge a person by, then we would all be fooled by the true value of many individuals in our current society.

For instance, a typical surgeon who saves people’s life can possess much less money than a media personality who just entertains people all day long.

Thus, this proves that income could be a misleading method to evaluate an individual’s value.

Hence, a housewife who earns no income at all is a priceless investment in our society.

Giving up on gaining status in our modern society to raise children, to be good citizens in our communities, is indeed a very selfless act of many brave women!