Victorian Christian and Islamic school leaders are calling upon the Victorian Government to adopt their proposed amendments to the controversial the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill.

“While we support a ban on coercive gay conversion practices, the scope of this Bill is far too broad and could prevent teachers and parents exploring the best care options for young people who are questioning their gender identity,” said Vanessa Cheng of the Australian Association of Christian Schools.

“Parents and teachers across the State are very concerned about this Bill and have sent thousands of emails to their political representatives. The way it is currently drafted, this new law could criminalise teachers and parents for encouraging their child to love the body they were born with,” said Mark Spencer of Christian Schools Australia.

We applaud Liberal Democrat David Limbrick for taking a stand to oppose this Bill and agree with his statement that…“there is a genuine possibility that this legislation contravenes sections relating to religious freedom in both the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights and the Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights.”[1]

The Victorian Government must demonstrate their respect for our communities by hearing our concerns and fix this deeply flawed Bill.


Media contacts:

Mark Spencer, Director of Public Policy, CSA, [email protected], 0419 419 224

Vanessa Cheng, Executive Officer, AACS, [email protected], 0416 277 372