On Monday 1 February 2021, Kosovo signed up to normalise relations with Israel and even recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by establishing the Kosovo embassy there.

This is again part of the legacy of former US President Donald Trump who “sought to build political capital with Israel first by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognising Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights last year.

Israel has been working hard in its attempts to normalise relations with Muslim countries in general and Arab countries in particular for years spearheaded by its intelligence agency Mossad targeting authoritarian leaders through a variety of incentives and pressure against the wishes of the people in these countries.

Normalisation of relations between United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were announced in September 2020, with  Morocco in December 2020 and with Sudan in January 2021.

There is speculation that Saudi Arabia will follow suit at a time of minimum domestic opposition while intense financial blackmail from Saudi Arabia and UAE is being exerted on Pakistan to normalise relations with Israel resulting in a domino effect in paving way for other Muslim countries to recognise Israel.

These normalisation agreements by coercion have been sanitised by naming them as the “Abraham Accords” disguising them as interfaith reconciliation between people of three Abrahamic faiths, Christians, Jews and Muslims.

These normalisation agreements will now allow Israeli businesses to attract investment from wealthy Arabs and provide goods and services openly to the vast Muslim markets directly or indirectly.

The sole beneficiary of this is the state of Israel and the rich and powerful in these countries, totally ignoring the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, Muslims as well as Christians who have been suffering from occupation, oppression and domination within Palestine and abroad since the creation of the Jewish apartheid state.

Although Trump’s legacy of four years is considered a dark period globally as well as a vast majority of Americans, his achievements in the service of Israel have not only been hailed by Israel and its supporters, but by the new Biden-Harris administration as well.

President Biden, soon after his inauguration on Wednesday 20 January 2021, embarked to correct most of the wrongs of the Trump era addressing racial divide, climate action, fighting COVID-19 pandemic, end to Muslim ban and humane immigration policy, economic stimulus package and global human rights, all highly commendable actions.

However he himself, his Vice President and almost all members of his senior administration have hailed one of the legacies of Trump namely strong support for Israel at the expense of Palestinians, their aspirations to live with freedom and restoration of their human rights.

Both President Biden and his Secretary of State Antony Blinken have expressed their support for the extension of  “Abraham Accords” facilitating the normalisation of the relations of Israel with many more countries, this ditching the Palestinians who still will remain in limbo.