While the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated headlines and occupied our attention, the climate crisis has not stopped. It’s more urgent than ever that we work together to achieve deep, rapid emissions cuts, and we can do that by changing our lifestyles and changing our systems.

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) is one of the founding partners of Greenfaith International (GFI), an ambitious global multi-faith climate justice advocacy group.

We launched last year with members from 15 partner countries: Australia, Indonesia, India, Germany, UK, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Chile, US and Canada.

GFI’s mission is to create communities to transform ourselves, our spiritual institutions and society to protect the planet and create a compassionate, loving and just world.

We demand bold and immediate climate action from individuals, faith communities, businesses, and governments.

These ambitious demands form the basis of ‘Sacred People, Sacred Earth’, our 2021 Year of Action . We have a series of campaigns planned throughout the year to build a global movement of strong faith voices so our demands can be heard at COP21 in November.

We would like to invite Muslim communities all over Australia to add their voices to our campaign.

The Year of Action starts with a multi faith statement that calls for the creation of a just world order while tackling the climate crisis. This letter will be signed by high profile religious leaders as well as regular people of faith, and it will form part of the international multi-faith voice at COP26.

The second way to participate is to join our Day of Action on 12pm, 11th March. We are asking faith communities and places of worship around the world to ‘sound the alarm’ and call for climate justice. Each place of worship can choose its own way to interpret this – by calling the Azan, performing a short prayer, a dhikir group, meditation, or whatever that feels appropriate for you and your community.

Neighbourhood and family groups can be involved too. We are hoping each action group will record their ‘sounding the alarm’ on social media on the day, and if you can, get local media to report on the action.

In the weeks leading up to Thursday 11 March, ARRCC will be holding online training sessions on producing effective videos for your action, basic Facebook and Twitter skills to publish them to social media, and we also have an action kit to help you organise and get in touch with other multi- faith groups across Australia who are gearing up for the day.

Go to arrcc.org.au/global to sign up, or you can get in touch at [email protected]

This year we must shine the light on need for urgent climate action. Muslims and other people of faith have a credible voice in turning the tide from inaction to zero carbon, and we must speak up now, louder than ever.