Mr Ibrahim Latheef, a highly decorated officer with military and policing background has been awarded the Western Australia Police Commissioner’s Medal for Excellence in recognition of his invaluable work for the WA Police Force on Thursday 17 December 2020 at Police academy, Joondalup, WA.

After leaving the Maldives Police Service as Senior Deputy Commissioner, Mr Latheef joined the WA Police in 2007 as Strategic Advisor responsible for developing strategic partnerships with various religious and multicultural communities.

While in his home country, Maldives, Mr Latheef served as a Lieutenant Colonel at Maldives Defence Force (1984 – 2004) and later as the Senior Deputy Commissioner at Maldives Police Service (2004 – 2007).

For the last thirteen years while working for WA Police, Mr Latheef was responsible for developing strategic partnerships with various communities, that were growing rapidly in Western Australia. His responsibility has been to build trusting and lasting relationships between the Western Australia Police Force and the emerging and diverse communities.

The Commissioner’s Medal is one of the most prestigious medals awarded to Western Australia Police personnel to recognise their contribution towards the Western Australia Police Force in achieving its goals and objectives.

The Western Australia Police Commissioner’s medal has been awarded to Mr Latheef in recognition of the effective work he has done with those communities, with his direct engagement with them.

This medal demonstrates the level at which Western Australian Police Force values his contribution with program that he has personally developed with his deep understanding of the cultures and needs of the communities.

During his ongoing service with the agency, Mr Latheef has been active in developing and implementing numerous initiatives to build trusting and resilient relationships with the broad ethnic communities in WA. This included new and innovative means of proactive engagement strategies to develop sustainable working multi agency partnerships with the Western Australia Police Force.

In consultation with Singapore, Malaysian, Oman and Maldives Police, he initiated in developing the first Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) compliant Hijab for WA Police Force Muslim female officers.

This hijab was the first of its type in Australia, and created interest by other international policing jurisdictions such as Canada, New Zealand and Metropolitan Police in London.

Mr Latheef was instrumental in the formation of the WA Police Muslim Community Advisory Group (MCAG) in 2014. Other Australian Policing jurisdictions are now seeking to emulate similar strategies in engaging with their respective Muslim communities.

The strength of the MCAG partnership allows easy transparent communication between parties, where problems arising are discussed and joint solutions formulated to address the issues.

A further extension of the MCAG process developed by Mr Latheef, was the establishment of the diverse engagement sport program for WA multicultural youth, “Common Goal”. This Police funded multi partnered program was designed to build the WA Muslim communities’ confidence and trust with WA Police Force.

In addition to Common Goal, Mr Latheef was instrumental in identifying the need to develop CaLD youth as tomorrow’s leaders, by providing those standout individuals with leadership, mentorship and interpersonal skills to achieve this means.

Mr Latheef has also been continuously striving to assist in recruiting quality multicultural cohort to WA Police Force. In this regard he became heavily involved in the Diverse Community Cadet/ Trainee program that commenced in 2019, and the continuing batches of inductees.

Due to his untiring efforts, campaigning, and support to WA Police recruitment area, he was nominated and chosen as the “Patron” of the Cadets Program.

In recent times he has been assisting the Community Engagement Division in remodelling a counter violence extremism (CVE) referral program, to a more beneficial and effective model. Ibrahim has been able to draw on past personal experiences, in visiting and working with prisoners held at the US Guantanamo Bay Prison.

Mr Latheef is a highly motivated individual who constantly provides support and advice to the WA multicultural community (much in his own time), and has been ornamental in continuously building strong and trusting relationships whilst promoting the good name of the Western Australia Police Force.