Jahida El-Assaad is a school teacher, Executive Sales Leader for Norwex, a life coach and business mentor based in Sydney, Australia.

She is an advocate of mental health who uses her social media platform to create awareness around topics that have been stigmatised or considered taboo in the Muslim community.

She speaks at events and runs programs for both women and youth on topics related to self-worth, health, confidence, social media, parenting, marriage and trauma healing. She also sees clients for both personal and business matters to talk through their limiting beliefs and helps them to achieve their goals.

On Wednesday 2 December, Jahida launched her new company, Metamorphosis Coaching at Coffee Cartel in Newington. Women from all different backgrounds and titles were invited.

The event received great feedback as women left feeling empowered, driven and inspired by Jahida’s purpose and being in a room full of like-minded Muslim women.


Jahida shares that, “Just like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, personal transformation is much the same. Sometimes we experience stages of our life where we are faced with testing challenges, we feel tired of just eating, working, existing without a purpose and so we go within and close off somewhat from the outside world. We re-examine all of our beliefs; what we were told, what we learned. The process takes much longer than a few days, but sooner or later, we rebuild. We replace false beliefs, held in our minds, with truths, held in our hearts. We shed the old, and begin to emerge anew. Released from our limitations and negative beliefs, we become…free to fly.”

She is a mother of two and very passionate about inspiring and empowering females of all ages to reach their full potential and accomplish their dreams.

Jahida has a Masters in Teaching, an Advanced Diploma of Business Marketing Management, studied units of psychology and currently enrolled in a Master Practitioner of Coaching course with The Coaching Institute.

She has had many experiences in life that have allowed her to understand the world and human behaviour in more depth.

She broke a global recruitment record with Norwex last year when she promoted from Executive Sales Leader to the prestige title of Senior Executive Sales Leader in one month. She has faced many challenges and did not attain success with ease.

It has been a difficult journey for her and she uses her life lessons to educate and empower others in their own lives.

Jahida thrives on being surrounded by people who are ambitious, humble, spiritual and life-long learners. She has been in many leadership roles and believes anyone who inspires to become a great leader can become one.

She aims to be the change in the world and hopes to become a great, positive role model for her daughters and females in general.

If you wish to book a session with her or attend one of her workshops, visit www.jahidaelassaad.com or email her at [email protected]

Follow Jahida on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jahida_elassaad